Life is making sense with us. Are we fully participating?

Living systems use fractal patterning to accomplish works of unfathomable beauty. You can leverage this wisdom to understand and participate in life ever deeper, becoming a more whole self and contributing to a more whole world.

Through partnering with C., you will develop your original powers of intuition and intelligence—liberating the deepest parts of you that are braided with all of life. This requires rigorous, intensive original thinking, making insightful meaning from your experiences and pruning back non-adaptive beliefs that are causing dissonance between you and the world.

C. offers guidance from a custom method of dialogue that includes following aliveness, intuitive inquiry, pattern analysis, and collaborative sense-making. Results look like: strengthening your intuition so you can guide yourself effectively in the present moment, and, upgrading your mental model of the world through sacred inner processes of breakdown and breakthrough.

Clients always receive their first coaching session at no cost. Since relationship is crucial to this method, the first session allows both you and C. the opportunity to evaluate your capacities for rapport and productive conversation.