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Coevolve, LLC is a Colorado-based boutique consulting firm providing expert technical assistance to social enterprises and cooperatives.

What We Offer

We produce comprehensive business and organizational model documentation through an original process that centers deep-dive interviews with visionary leaders, stakeholders, members and customers. Such work includes: 

  • “one-pagers” and pitch decks
  • comprehensive business plans (up to 60 pages)
  • initial financial models (called a pro forma)

We assist in producing a wide range of essential documentation needed by start-up ventures. Examples include: 

  • company or project charter
  • initial marketing & website copy
  • strategic plans
  • business plans
  • operational and technical documentation (as needed)

Gain the missing skills and knowledge to be an outstanding cooperative leader. Together we will devise a custom professional development plan focused on rounding out these competencies:

  • servant leadership
  • dialogue & conflict management
  • breaking out of capitalist and hierarchical paradigms
  • group facilitation

Receive expert meeting design and facilitation from a 13-year expert in the field of cooperatives and democratic decision-making. We offer event design and facilitation for leadership summits, board retreats, member meetings, stakeholder engagement and more. 

We additionally have skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Curriculum development
  • Program and product development
  • Organizational and business design consulting
  • Change management consulting

We are passionate organizers helping you clarify and articulate your project’s plans and path, to gain greater buy-in from your stakeholders & community.

Featured Past & Present Clients

Meet Caroline

Coevolve is helmed by Caroline Savery who has gained 13 years of diverse experience as an independent organizational and business development consultant to nearly two dozen co-ops, nonprofits and social enterprises across numerous industries, sectors and regions. 

Caroline's work features deep knowledge and perspective about how cooperatives follow living systems patterning and can be designed using regenerative social design methodologies.

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