September 9 - 11, 2022

An initiation like no other, guided by Fractal Praxis


an intrepid circle of sovereign souls… walking willingly into the deep dark void, the wild belly of the earth… witnessed unflinchingly by the outrageous full moon in all her lunar glory… communing humbly with earth medicine, these seekers open themselves wider with every step to become vessels for spiritual guidance.

This page is your exclusive invitation to join Moon Dunes Loons, a grounded, enlivening offering hosted and guided by C. Savery of Fractal Praxis.

We will traverse to the Great Sand Dunes and walk into the dunes at night under the bright full moon. Sacred earth medicines will accompany us on this trek into greater sovereignty, mystery, and power. We will be camping amidst the inspiring vistas of nearby Zapata Falls Campground September 9-11.

Do you feel called to deepen your connection to the wild wisdom within you?

Do you yearn for greater communion with wild nature around you?

Do you dream of growing your courage and sovereignty by letting yourself walk into the dark wilderness in hopes of finding your blazing inner light?

You do not want to miss this offering! 

Got questions or hesitations? Set up a simple 15 minute call with C. before confirming your path.

ALL participants in Moon Dunes Loons must complete the following steps:

  • Complete the comprehensive registration form
  • Buy a ticket or make a deposit to hold your spot
  • Complete a 30-60 minute readiness evaluation and preparation call with C. Savery (booked after you complete registration form)

Your requested financial commitment is $484. Sliding scale options are available upon request.

This sacred initiation is available to just 6–7 participants. And this event, first of its kind, happens only once a year.

Don’t miss out! Fill out the registration form today to get started.